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Since 2012, the World Stevia Organization discerns the "Best Extract/Product Award of the Year". This awarded is discerned by a panel of scientific members and experts.

This year, all the companies working with stevia are invited to submit their products and/or extracts for the "Best Extract/Product Award of the Year".

What are the benefits to submit your extract/product?

WSO awards provide you many tools to increase your visibility, credibility, customer’s satisfaction and of course market share.
A WSO quality label is an effective marketing tool for the producer who cares for quality and wants to prove it.
The aim for a WSO Stevia Tasteful awards will motivate your research and production department in the development of the quality of their products.

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What is the tasting procedure?

The Tasting procedure is, on the one hand, based on the sensory analysis such as general taste of the product, first impression taste, after taste, odor, appearance, and other organoleptic criteria.

On the other hand, it takes into account other parameters which are important to the customer such as clear information on the ingredients, the packaging, is it easy to prepare, directions for use...

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How to submit your extract/product?

You can access the planning of submission byclicking here.

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Stevia Best Taste Award 2018 2

WSO Best Stevia product Award

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