CoverPageStevia2014-2The abstracts book of the 6th World Congress on Stevia Tasteful 2014 groups all abstracts from speakers but also for posters presented during the conference.

Among abstracts presented:

  • Metabolic Syndrome, Cancer and Neuro-Degenerative Disease: Where is the Red Line? Stevia & Preventive Medicine: The Perfect Target
  • Stevia and its Impact on Health - Food or Medicine?
  • Effects of Rebaudioside A on Adipocyte Function
  • Stevia Rebaudiana Improves the Antioxidant Activity and Palatability of Green Coffee Extracts
  • Effects of Stevia Extracts on Oral Biofilms
  • An Efficient in Vitro Regeneration System and Synthetic Seed Production in Stevia
  • Stevia as an Innovation in the Food and Beverage Sector
  • Molecular Determinants of the Sweet-Bitter Janus Head of Steviol Glycosides and Development of Novel Quantitation Tools
  • Reduction of Bitter Aftertaste in Stevia Extracts via Specific Enzymatic Conversion
  • Insight in trade-offs with the Sensus Sweetness Tool
  • Green Sugar® – A Healthy Sugar, Natural Non Caloric Sweetener used in the Human Nutrition
  • ‘Green Stevia’ – A Natural Sweetener for Organic Food Products – A Danish Innovation Project
  • In Vitro Culture & Acclimation Process of Stevia Rebaudiana
  • Introducing Stevia to Turkey: A New Crop & Product
  • Photosynthetic Activity of Stevia Rebaudiana Plants from In Vivo & Ex Vitro Conditions & its Relation to the Accumulation of Steviol Glycosides
  • Chemical Variations in Open Pollinated Stevia Rebaudiana Plants in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey
  • Determination, Separation, Analysis, Detection and Quantification of Steviol Glycosides & Further Constituents in Stevia Rebaudiana
  • Aqueous Extraction at Room Temperature of Steviosides Content in Dried Leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana B. using the Extractor Naviglio. Comparison with Conventional Hot Infusion
  • Glycosides from Stevia Rebaudiana Leaves: A Comparison Between Supercritical CO2 Extraction and Solvent Extraction
  • All you Need to Know about Stevia Glycosides Extraction & Separation


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