Welcome to the 8th WSO Convention on Stevia

Gerd Birkenmeier

It is an honor to be appointed as President of World Stevia Organization. I wish to make some comments about stevia and its strategic role in our food and lifestyle.

Sugar kills worldwide more people than smoking, alcohol and drug addiction. But the death is anything but sweet. Sugar consumption, especially from sugary drinks, is the single largest and preventable contributor to the global epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and unhealthy weight gain.


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The World Stevia Organisation (WSO) announces the organization of the 8th WSO World Congress on Stevia, which will be organized in Berlin on June 4-5, 2018.


Stevia world congress abstract book

Since the first edition held in 2010, the World Stevia Organization published the abstracts book of each congresses.

Each abstracts book gathers all abstracts of oral presentations, but also for the abstracts of posters presented during the conference.

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Stevia Best Taste Award 2018 1

Since 2012, the World Stevia Organization discerns the "Best Extract/Product Award of the Year". This awarded is discerned by a panel of scientific members and experts.

This year, all the companies working with stevia are invited to submit their products and/or extracts for the "Best Extract/Product Award of the Year".


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