WSO newChallenges need people with great willing.

Buyer, seller, extractor, productors and all members of Stevia chain, you are truly welcomed to join WSO to make the change happened together.
The World Stevia Organisation can provide you 

  • The extraction processes of the stevia sweeteners,
  • The food products applications of stevia sweeteners,
  • Technology transfer of stevia processing.
  • Contacts and Networks in Stevia Fields
  • Be in touch with buyer, seller, producers, extractors following you need.
  • and a lot more...

Becoming member of WSO, permits you to have:

  • discount fees for all WSO Congress;
  • a WSO congress report for free;
  • the chance to participate to WSO Network Session;
  • but above all, it's an opportunity to develop your business.

If you want to join the journey, be part of WSO members, you will find all the necessary information just below.

Registration information

Registration will be open to any person, irrespective of place of residence and will be submitted to approval of the Committee.

Subscription to WSO gives you:

  • Discount prices on registration for conferences organized by WSO.
  • Every new member can order a WSO report congress for FREE.
  • You will automatically receive the WSO newsletter by email.
  • Your contact and field of interest will be added in Stevia Business to Business Book.
  • We will provide you pertinent contact to develop your business and put you in touch with Stevia actors around the world.
  • You will be have the privilege to participate to WSO Network Session.

More for Companies Subscription:

All advantages mentioned previously, plus:

  • Company's logo on website, in supporters area, and on all related media communication.
  • Access to strategic data and information.

For Companies with total business volume more than 50 millions of euros:

 All advantages mentioned previously, plus:

  • Free registration for 2 delegates from your company
  • Your clients and partners of company will register with a privilege discount price


In order to join us, please fill the Online Membership Form.

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