The World Stevia Organisation Committee is composed by strong actors in Stevia chain, as academics and industrials. Their aim is to develop stevia business around the world by involving people in international projects around Stevia production or extraction; find buyer and seller, link industrials with academics.

The World Stevia Organisation Committee believes that Stevia will play a major part to decrease the high consumption of sugar without affecting the pleasure. That's why he is acting worldwide to connect actors and improve the use of Stevia in food and beverages.

World Stevia Organisation Team is pleased to present you all the members of this international Committee: 

A. Hashida - President


M. Edeas (France)
N. Jacquemier (France)
JM. Maixent (France)
G. Cravotto (Italy)
K. Allaf (France)
R. Blundell (Malta)
M. Ribo (Spain)
I. Nakata (Japan)
Y. Chin (China)
S. Sanchez (Mexico)
M. Roallahn (Dubai)
N. Shamir (Israel)

  To contact Mr A. Hashida: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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