Prof. Gerd Birkenmeier, current President of World Stevia Organization, provides 5 strategies to reduce the sugar intake and to promote the use of Stevia:

  1. Increasing the efforts in education of children and adults to use traditional diets over highly processed foods and drinks that parallels to the increase in obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related chronic diseases.
  2. To influence policy makers and health professionals to promote public regulation and market intervention such as taxation, pricing, ban, and restriction of advertising.
  3. To promote the use of naturally-sourced stevia sweetener products that can improve the diets and health of people globally by addressing sugars and calories in food.
  4. To support sustainable stevia production through responsible cultivation and ensuring accurate analytical methods for measuring the purity of stevia extracts.
  5. To promote Stevia cultivation through farmers in developing countries to prevent later cost-expenditures of their healthcare system.

All these strategies will be discussed during the 8th World Congress on Stevia which will be organized in Berlin, on June 4-5 2018.

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