Dr Anush Aghajanyan from the Yerevan State University, Armenia will give a presentation about the biochemical properties of hydroponic stevia rebaudiana (SR) extract in the stress conditions during the 8th World Convention on Stevia which will be held in Berlin in June 2018.

Stevia rebaudiana contains diterpenoid glycosides (steviosides) having attracted interest for its potential use as sweetener, at the same time it has antihypergicemic effects. Steviosides demonstrate increased insulin secretion and sensitivity in different animal models.The wild species of this plant do not grow in Armenia, so hydroponic Stevia is of interest for commercial aims everywhere. In the present study Dr Aghajanyan's team has evaluated some biochemical properties of hydroponic SR aqueous extract in a hyperglycemia induced by immobilization stress in rabbits after oral treatment. The results of this study will be presented in Berlin.

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