Sebastion Munz Stevia Tasteful 2018 SpeakerDr. Sebastian Munz from University of Hohenheim, Germany will highlight  his study on "Stevia cultivation at higher latitudes in Europe - a case study from
southwestern Germany" during the 8th WSO World Congress on Stevia Tasteful 2018 which will  be held on June 4 - 5, 2018, at Berlin,  Germnay.


According to him: "For the optimization of agronomic practices in stevia cultivation at higher latitudes in Europe, more knowledge is required concerning the influence of temperate environmental conditions on plant growth and yield of steviol glycosides. Our study demonstrated that high yields of dry leaves (6000–7800 kg ha−1), total SVglys (720–1023 kg ha−1), and rebaudioside A (RA, 220–376 kg ha−1) can be achieved. Further, we highlight the importance of future studies regarding physiological responses of stevia under dynamic environmental conditions also taking into account genotypic architectural traits in relation to light interception."

8th WSO World Congress on Stevia Tasteful 2018

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