Gertrud-Morlock Stevia-Tasteful-2018Prof. Gertrud Morlock from Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany will give a presentation about HPTLC analysis of steviol glycosides and (iso)steviol in Stevia products during the 8th World Convention on Stevia which will be held in Berlin on June 4-5, 2018.

Newest results on analysis of steviol glycosides is presented by Prof. Morlock. In certain food milieus or by processing or during storage, steviolglycosides may degrade. Thus, a planar chromatographic method was developedthat separated both at one go, the group of steviol glycosides as well astheir reported breakdown products steviol and isosteviol. Also, it isdemonstrated that a fast and efficient analytical method strongly supportsquality control. An example of a sample is given that claimed to containsteviol glycosides, but was falsified with cheaper synthetic sweeteners.

During Berlin Stevia 2018, Prof. Morlock will present the results of this study.

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