Dr. Buhara YücesanIt is a great pleasure to announce that Dr. Buhara Yücesan from Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey, will give a session during Stevia Tasteful 2021 about Stevia Breeding & Cultivation.

The session will be divided into two parts: 

(1) Strategies of breeding and cultivation considering sustainable agricultural practice: high leaf yield, high leaf-to-steam ratio, high steviol glycoside content capacity, high adaptability to various environmental conditions, and high germination rate of seeds.

(2) Since we are passing through the post corona period, another question is worth asking “Are farmers' preferences shifting towards plants with higher economic value?” such as Cannabis production. Is Cannabis a real threat for stevia production under framework of people preferences in terms of reaching healthy and economically value-added products will be discussed.

Reminder: During Stevia Convention 2019, which was held in Amsterdam, in October, Dr. Buhara Yücesan received the Second Prize of The James A. May “Father of Stevia” Award,  discerned by Wisdom Natural Brands®, the company James A. May, for his excellent presentation on the breeding strategy and cultivation of Stevia.

Among the speakers in the session: 

Dr Christos Stamatis

Stevia from Field to the Table - Case of Greece
Christos Stamatis, CEO of Stevia Hellas Cooperative, Greece



Session dedicated to Stevia Breeding & Cultivation - 2022
Stevia Tasteful 2022
June 2-3, 2022 - Lisbon and Online


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